EPISODE 1:Pilot to Co-Pilot

EPISODE 2: Tool Time

EPISODE 3: The Views Expressed…

MINISODE 3.5: Moving Day

EPISODE 4: Location, Location, Location

EPISODE 5: Ninja, Please.

Episode 6: With Grrrl Power Comes Grrrl Responsibility

Episode 7: How Does That Make You Feel?

Episode 8: Hostile Takeover

Episode 9: In the Bored Room

Episode 10: In Case of Emergency, Press Here


  1. Mike Martin

    Saw the Premier at ComicCon. Great Stuff! I am passing the word around!!! Keep up the Good Fight!


  2. Landon Salyer

    We've officially launched!!! So much for that "small summer, fill-in project."

  3. I wish I could have seen it live at ComicCon, but super-awesome job. Glad to see superheroes fighting the good fight of inter-office politics. Is there a nemesis for that?? 😉

  4. Shane Freund

    I saw you guys at COMICON and you rock. Im passing the word around to my friends to check this out.

  5. funny stuff!
    watched 'em all~
    solid performances of some intelligent writing.

    when are the next episodes coming!!!!?!!

    must, have…. more….

    • Power Posse HQ

      A new episode drops every Monday! Coming April 30th, episode 5: "Ninja, Please." Guest starring Ben Andrews and Darlene Sellers (reprising her role from her own webseries, Chop Socky Boom)! http://www.chopsockyboom.com

  6. Lola

    Y'all should start a kickstarter campaign so we can all see what happens on Season 2!!!

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