Creative Team

Just like any good team of superheroes, a filmmaking team begins with passion and drive and ends with the ability to both work together and see a project through.

Dan Heinrich (co-writer/co-director/producer) – Dan has been involved in film and theater for his entire adult life. He was an original member of the Creative Board of Directors for AHA! Theatre in Seattle, and has appeared as an actor in regional commercials and independent films such as the award winning Max Rules (2005) and The Audience Strikes Back (2008). Dan has produced numerous short films including Take My Date, Please (which he also directed) and was the runner up for audience favorite at the 2006 Tacoma 72 Hour Film festival; Behind Closed Doors (2007), which he co-created and was an official selection at the 2008 Langston Hughes African American Film Festival, Seattle True Independent Film Festival, and Playhouse West Film Festival; Serial Reconciler (2008); Duo: Issue #0 (2009); and On and On (2010), a music video for the band Kirby Krackle; as well as corporate videos including a cancer screening awareness PSA for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute. Dan has a daughter with his wife, actress/novelist Trish Loyd, and is also an Executive Producer on the cable series-in-development Ordinary Angels.

Todd Downing (co-writer/co-director/producer) – Todd was driven to pursue multimedia from a young age, producing comic strips for local newspapers throughout high school and college while dabbling in filmmaking. He studied graphic arts and animation as an adjunct to film/TV in college, and spent a decade in the videogame industry as an art director and design lead. Todd left videogames to start his own media company in 2002, publishing the critically acclaimed Arrowflight and licensed Red Dwarf roleplaying games (with over 30 additional titles to his credit). A series of personal tragedies in 2005 and 2006 culminated in his short film, Ordinary Angels (2007), nominated for Best Fantasy Film at its Altanta premiere and going on to receive Official Selection at the Indie Spirit, GenCon, NiCHE, Dragon*Con, Hell’s Half Mile and Seattle True Independent film festivals. He went on to direct Duo: Issue #0 (2009); and On and On (2010). He has three feature screenplays, three stage plays and numerous short films to his credit, as well as writing and coloring the vintage pulp adventure comic strip Airship Daedalus. Todd has a son and daughter and is married to line producer Raechelle Downing. He is also an Executive Producer on the cable series-in-development Ordinary Angels.

Landon Salyer (story/assistant director/producer) – Landon, besides being an incurable film geek, began his studies in photojournalism only to discover that making things up is much more fun not to mention less ethically taxing. He was one of a handful of students picked as guinea pigs for a pilot program that would eventually become the Department of Film & Video Studies at Central Washington University. While there, Landon wrote, produced, directed and edited the first 16mm narrative film project to ever come out of the University. After graduation, he headed to California where he worked on many local projects and the feature film Smokin’ Aces (2007). Returning to the Pacific Northwest, he has worked on numerous commercials, short films, music videos, industrials, PSAs and feature films, including Love Happens (2010) around the Seattle area. Primarily an AD, he also produces, works as a gaffer, grip, graphics editor, writer, story consultant, and all around fix-it man. Many of his projects have premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival and Seattle True Independent Film Festival as well as others around the United States. Landon worked on the On and On (2010) music video for Kirby Krackle, and is an Executive Producer on the cable series-in-development Ordinary Angels.

Cherelle Ashby (production design/producer) – Cherelle is a creative mastermind. When she has a piece of fabric in one hand a pair of scissors in the other there is no stopping her. Her super powers exist in the realms of costume design, prop/miniature fabrication and set design. Cherelle is half of the special effects duo The Gore Sisters. She has been on a path of creation since a very young age. She started her career studying fashion design which lead to work in the industry by way of feature films, the first being Tammytown (2002), the most recent being Sequential Art (2011), several 48 Hour Film Project entries one of which was Post Mortem, the 2008 Seattle winner, a number of shorts including Behind Closed Doors (2007) and Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day (2005), music videos such as On and On (2010) for the band Kirby Krackle and Second Season, a web series currently in production as well as commercial shoots for Microsoft and Chevrolet.

Jonelle Cornwell (production design/producer) – Jonelle enjoys gaming, film production and cats. When she’s not cuddling with her kitty, Professor Catface Meowmers, she making the awesome for your viewing pleasure. She has honed her many skills over the last 10 years that include make-up, special effects, prop/miniature fabrication and set design. Jonelle is half of the special effects duo The Gore Sisters. She has also dabbled outside the art department by producing, script supervising and casting. Jonelle has worked on feature films, most recently producing Sequential Art (2011), several 48 Hour Film Project entries including Post Mortem, the 2008 Seattle winner, she has a number of shorts under her belt; Behind Closed Doors (2007), Man II Man (2007) and music videos such as On and On (2010) for the band Kirby Krackle. Not to leave any film opportunity unexplored she co-designed costumes for the web series Second Season and has worked on commercial shoots for Microsoft, United Way & Chevrolet.

Trish Loyd (story/producer) – Trish is an actor by first love, and she was raised a fan of scifi and fantasy. She has appeared in multiple local independent plays, including Baby Dance, ‘Night, Mother, and Deathtrap, and films, including The Cleansing (2006), Take My Date, Please (2006), Behind Closed Doors (2007), Man 2 Man (2007), and Ordinary Angels (2007), as well commercials and industrials for Events & Adventures, Microsoft, University of Washington School of Nursing and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She was also a member of Bare Knuckles Acting, a dramatic improv group, and currently a member of Effective Arts, a training organization that uses improvisational actors. Her first love led to her second love as she wanted to do more than simple script analysis. So Trish taught herself story structure and character development and began writing. She is currently finishing her first full length novel. The basic premise of The Collectibles was Trish’s brainchild, and of course she portrays the under-appreciated psychic receptionist, Receiver. Trish has a daughter with husband Dan Heinrich, and is an Executive Producer on the cable series-in-development Ordinary Angels.

Raechelle Downing (line producer) – Raechelle was born a coal miner’s daughter in West Virginia, raised in Texas, and escaped to Seattle in her twenties. She’s a singer/songwriter, avid blogger, organizational mastermind and connoisseur of fashionable shoes. Although relatively new to the film and geek world, Raechelle proved herself to be a quick study, working up from production assistant to line producer in short order. Her geek pedigree is through all things Whedon, and she has learned to love comic book superhero movies under the guise of “research”. A former buyer and radiology admin for the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Raechelle’s background is in business administration, and she used to run her own cleaning & organizing business.


Gathered together from the indie film legends of Seattle, the phenomenal crew behind The Collectibles executed 47 setups in the course of two 12-hour shooting days. They are mighty. They are pretty. Quite simply, they are the bee’s pajamas.

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