Super Cast

Brian Sutherland (Super Star) – Credits include: Grimm, iCrime; The Cleansing; All My Presidents; Nothing Against Life; Washington State Lottery; Fat Kid Rules the World; Hands of Thünder; Reunion; Glitch.

Lisa Skvarla (Ultrafemme) – Credits include: Scamp; Northern Exposure; Bill Nye the Science Guy; Owner/Instuctor – Lee’s Martial Arts

Dan Humphrey (The Quick) – Credits include: The Evading; Writer/Director – The Addict; Editor/Associate Producer – Ordinary Angels; Director – Prodigal Daughter; Director – Rectify; Chop Socky Boom; Owner – Film Ninja

Wonder Russell (Shield Maiden) – Credits include: The Cutter; Just2Me; The Boy Who Heard Whispers; Love; The Curse of Duncan Carbunkle; On and On; Connect To (also Producer); The Summer Home; This is Ours.

S Joe Downing (Death-Wish) – Credits include: Ordinary Angels; Chop Socky Boom; The Whole Truth; Emerald Nights; Star Trek: Phoenix; On and On; Grassroots.

Frank Aye (Aguaman) – Credits include: Behind Closed Doors; Intuition; Instructor – Seattle Acting School

Trish Loyd (Receiver) – Credits include: The Cleansing; Behind Closed Doors; Ordinary Angels; Take My Date, Please; Serial Reconciler; Duo – Issue #0.

Elizabeth Daruthayan (Ennui) – Credits include: Behind Closed Doors; Simply Fobulous; Turnaround, Unit 320.

Casey Kinared (Vance Vermicular) – Credits include: Billy and the Hurricane; Defiant.

Paul Eenhoorn (Dr. Flaming Skull) – Credits include: Spider; Rogue Saints; Zoo; Beautiful Brit Baker; The Divine Marigolds; Reversal; Sid & Lenny; Director – Room 13.

Lisa Coronado (Evil Hand) – Credits include: Divination; All My Presidents; A Musing; The Divine Marigolds; Phoenicia; Viv.

Josh Truax (Choking Hazard) – Credits include: Project London; Echoes; The Divine Marigolds; Sequential Art; The MarQueen.

Jim Demonakos (Joel Bradavky) – Credits include: Co-founder – The Comic Stop (retail chain); Co-founder – Emerald City ComiCon; Co-founder – Kirby Krackle; Writer – The Silence of Our Friends (First Second Books).

Kyle Stevens (Rob Schufeld) – Credits include: Co-founder – Kirby Krackle; Co-founder – Explone;

Jessica Hendrickson (Deborah Lang) – Credits include: Star Trek: Phoenix; Judas Kiss; Dessert and Suicide; Driving Sports; Untethered; Break; Look Up in the Sky; Heads or Tails.

Conner Marx (Graviator) – Credits include: Sequential Art; All My Presidents; Glitch; Door to Door; The Dinner Table.

Darlene Sellers (Daisy) – Credits include: The Evading; The Addict; Ordinary Angels; Render Me Dead; Blank; Chop Socky Boom; Fantastic Confabulations; The Search for Kennyboy; Break.

Ben Andrews (Dale) – Credits include: Ordinary Angels; Prick; Divination; Blank; Star Trek: Phoenix; Reversal; Break.

Trin Miller (Mighty Girl) – Credits include: Reversal; All My Presidents; Glitch; Rude Mechanical; Sequential Art; Room 13.

Angela DiFiore (Brain Pan) – Credits include: Blown Love; The Drawing; Dusty’s August; Guys Quoting Movies.

Devielle Johnson (Shrink Ray) – Credits include: Psych; V; Behind Closed Doors; Smallville; Fringe; Courage Doesn’t Ask.